GISearch Appliance and its moduls, the GISearch Appliance Server and GISearch Appliance Cloud are a special GIS data collection and storage server that allow the user to search the web via PC or mobile device not by relevance, but by physical proximity of the web page content. The search results are displayed on a map (not as a text).

The searches are based on a huge and robust database collected by the GISearch crawler engine, scanning millions of web pages.

The database is located on a central server. Locating the position of web pages is based on their geographical address data. During the queries, the already existing database is scanned in order to provide very quick results for the users.

Crawler engine

The database found on the server is built up by and information collection is based on the crawler engine. The multithreading application is scanning the web and running in the background. It saves the URLs, the geographical addresses and the full content of web pages, then generates a large database wherein the web content is indexed according to these data. It also rechecks the web content from time to time and tracks the changes via version control.

Web display

Searches can be executed on the server via web from the saved database. The result is displayed through the ArcGIS Server. The user can view the whole list of results (e.g. for the whole country) or the pages can be filtered to provide only the important information for the user (e.g. restaurants, cinemas, clubs, schools, petrol stations etc.). The user can give their current position by a single click to get the close surrounding area results from the system. GISearch Appliance is capable of updating continuously, thus maximising the accuracy of search results and displaying relevant, up-to-date information.

Display on mobile devices

The MobileSocial framework allows information from the server to be displayed on mobile phones as well. Web page contents close to the user’s current position (located via GPS) can be viewed. The MobileSocial framework allows you to contact your friends thorough social networks.

Supported mobile platforms

Android iOS Windows Blackberry

Possibilities of application

  • Searching web pages close to your current position
  • Searching web pages close to any set location or position
  • Collecting POI information on web pages close to our position
  • Collecting POI information on web pages close to any position
  • Searching by category on the whole web, viewing results on a map
  • Searching for any kind of information on the web, viewing results on a map