GDi Hungary Ltd. funded by the Research and Technology Innovation Fund is leading a project in the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan to develop and launch a Farm Management Platform and Service Package (GDi Ensemble for Smart Agriculture). You can keep up to date with the process and status on our site.


Beneficiary Name – GDi Hungary Limited Liability Company

Project title – Development and marketing of Farm Management Platform and Service Package (GDi Ensemble for Smart Agriculture)
Total value of the contracted project – 124 409 200 Ft

The amount of the contracted subsidy is – 81 396 720 HUF

Aid rate (%) – 65,42%

Estimated completion date of the project – 06/30/2018.

Project Identification Number – 2018-1.1.1-MKI-2018-00038

Presentation of project content

The purpose of developing GDi ESA was to develop an easy-to-use, yet versatile farm management system that allowed producers using it to quickly and effortlessly operate a highly detailed data collection structure without having to manually record data via mobile applications.

GDi’s ESA system offered features such as automatic processing of remote sensing and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, drone) data, the ability to retrieve automatic shape files (shp) from on-board computers, derived from a single application requiring support, scanning of the contours available to the manufacturer, an automated management zone design proposal based on this and the measured data. GDi ESA also employs a mobile application, identifies used machines and inputs, and automatically assigns the producer to each table (work time record), the machine that the producer works on (work operations and machinery records) ) as well as the input material, generating the body of the board. In the case of input material use, GIS methods are used to estimate the amount of material used, thus avoiding the problem of handling different packages and overloading the site with excessive chemicals. Solutions using auto-definition ensure that data capture errors are avoided, rendering data in most VIR systems unusable due to inaccurate data entry by user producers. GDi ESA can be a pioneer in the Hungarian as well as the international market by automating well-established VIR functions, and its convenient use and better data quality resulting from automation provide a competitive edge both at home and globally, enabling it to reach out to producers who have so far been left out of these systems due to the cumbersome use of other software on the market.

The development of a remote sensing index system, automatically and sequentially assigned to the parcels, as well as the associated management and routing and inland water management mechanism, is a new technical solution. The system sought to solve the scientific problem of how the business process occurs in real-time and in real time, and only professional GIS analysis and models will be able to render it in accordance with natural laws and virtual space. The project also wanted to implement these analyzes and models in such a way that it optimizes the real processes and forecasts as closely as possible to reality.